Study programmes (info in English)

The core of the British and American Studies Programme, a single-specialisation study programme, rests in three areas:

1. British and American Studies

in a narrow sense, the History, Geography, Institutions, Politics and Culture of Great Britain and the United States.

2. History of British and American Literature.

3. English Linguistics,

including foundations of translation and interpretation.

Graduates of this programme are experts in the field of British and American Studies which increases both their value in the labour market and which enables them to specialise in British and American Studies, Literature, and Linguistics when attempting to pursue doctoral studies.

A reduced version of this study programme takes a traditional form of double-specialisation and inter-specialisation studies resulting in a Master of Arts degree which concentrates on teacher training.

There is a wide range of options available enabling programme participants to combine various other specialisations with British and American Studies. They not only include Humanities (Philosophy, Slovak language and Literature, German language and Literature), but also Sciences (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography.)