Prof. Myroslava Fabian, DrSc.



Department of British and American Studies
Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Faculty of Arts
Moyzesova 9, 040 01 Košice

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Osobné údaje

Fabian Myroslava, born in Uzhhorod (Ukraine), 09.04.1961. Married. Home address: Ukraine, 88000 Uzhhorod, Luchkaya str. 3/2 Home tel.: (+380312) 617335 E-mail: Office address: Ukraine, 88017 Uzhhorod, Uzhhorod National University, Universitetska str. 14, Faculty of Foreign Philology, English Philology Dpt. Office tel./fax.: (+380312) 642442.

Akademické tituly a hodnosti

Candidate of Philological Sciences (1988). Associate Professor (1995). Doctor of Philology (1999). Professor (2003)

Profesionálna kariéra

Study at Uzhhorod State University (1978–1983). Teacher of English at Uzhhorod secondary school № 1 named after T.Shevchenko. Postgraduate student at the Institute of Linguistics named after O.O.Potebnya of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Kyiv) (1983–1987). Teacher of English at Uzhhorod secondary school № 15 (1983–1989). Teacher of English at the English language dpt. of Uzhhorod State University (1989). Candidate dissertation thesis „Structural aspects of typological comparison of lexico-semantic fields (on the material of Ukrainian and English languages)“ was defended in Kyiv, Ukraine (1988). Associate Professor of the English language dpt. (1995). Doctoral dissertation thesis „Etiquette semantics in lexical systems of Ukrainian, English and Hungarian languages“ was defended in Kyiv, Ukraine (1999). Head of the Department of Foreign languages (2002–2006). Professor of the Department of Foreign languages (2003). Head of the English Philology department (2006 – 2011). Dean of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology (2006 – 2011 ). Professor of English Philology department (2006-now).


Silver medal of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the best students' research work (1983). Bronze memorable medal of Presov University (2002). Medal with distinction of regional state administration for the development of the region (2004).

Štúdium v zahraničí

Research work at the University of Debrecen (Hungary).
Research work at the University of Eger (Hungary).


Uzhhorod National University (1989) Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, Faculty of Foreign Philology, English Philology department (1989-now). Subjects taught: Lexicology of the English language, Cross-language and cross-cultural communication, Sociolinguistics Presov University Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences, English language department (1999–2002) Subjects taught: Lexicology of the English language, Introduction to linguistics University of P.J.Safarik in Kosice Department of English and American studies of Philosophical Faculty (2005 – now) Subjects taught: Academic Writing, Introduction to linguistics, Stylistics, Fundamentals of English lexicography, Cross-cultural communication, Applied linguistics, Comparative stylistics


Research topic „Sociolinguistic and pragmatic aspects of language interaction: theory and practice“ has been worked out by the teachers of the English philology department of Uzhhorod National University. Editor-in-chief of the collection of research articles „Current Language and Literature Studies“, 13 books of which have been published already. Reviewer of the books „The Students' Voices“ and „Studia Anglica Resoviensia“ (Rzeszow, Poland), compiler and reviewer of Hungarian-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Hungarian dictionaries. Reviewer of methodological guides on coversational English, lecture notes on stylistics, grammar of English for the university students.
Research interests include cross-language and cross-cultural studies, lexical semantics, sociolinguistics, communicative linguistics, pragmatics, lexicology, stylistics, lexicography, comparative studies of both related and non-related language systems.
Languages: I am fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English: oral and written. Can speak, write and understand Slovak and Hungarian.


Supervisor of the research topic of the English language department of Uzhhorod National University. Supervisor of students' research works which are presented at annual students' conferences. Supervisor of Bachelor and Master theses. Supervisor of Postgraduate students' theses, six post-graduate students defended their PhD dissertations under my guidance.

Členstvo vo vedeckých orgánoch

Head of Faculty Council. Head of Organizing committee of International conferences (Uzhhorod, Kyiv). Head of the Examination Board for postgraduate students. Member of University Council. Member of Competitive Board of Uzhhorod National University. Member of Final Examining Board. Member of Entrance Examination Board. Member of Specialized Council for the defence of doctoral theses. Member of Transcarpathian Hungarian- speaking scientific society. Member of European Society for the Study of English (Kyiv). Member of Editorial staff of the linguistic journal „Acta Hungarica“, „Journal of Interdisciplinary Philology“ (Žilina, Slovakia). Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Academic Member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER).


Grant Domus Hungarica Scientiarum et Artium (2002).
Grant Domus Hungarica Scientiarum et Artium (2006).


Collaboration with Presov University; University of P.J.Safarik in Kosice. Collaboration with University of Debrecen; Institute of English and American Studies (Eger, Hungary). Collaboration with Philosophical Faculty of University Palackeho in Olomouc (Czech Republic). Collaboration with many universities and higher institutions within Ukraine (Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa, Cherkassy, Kharkiv, Chernivtsy, Ternopol, Ivano-Frankivsk). Collaboration with the Universities of Romania, Austria, Germany, France, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Poland.

Vybrané publikácie

3 monographs, over 110 research articles, over 40 reviews, over 50 conference proceedings both university and international, 7 text-books. Recent publications: 1. Conversation as a social transaction.- In: Current Language and Literature Studies.- № 5.- Uzhhorod, 2007.- P. 5–7. 2. Outer structure of etiquette fields in Ukrainian, English and Hungarian languages.- In: Problems of Comparative Semantics.- № 8.- Kyiv, 2007.- P. 46–52. 3. English tests for research students.- Uzhhorod, 2007.- 95 p. (in co-authorship). On language etiquette and non-verbal communication.-In: Current Language and Literature Studies, Vol.11.-Uzhhorod, 2013.-P. 5–11. Lexical Semantics: New Approach to its Study.-In: Journal of Interdisciplinary Philology (1–2).-Zilina, 2013.-P. 5–12.Semantics of Language Etiquette:New Approach to its Study.-In: Current Language and Literature Studies, Vol.12.-Uzhhorod, 2014.-P.7–13. Politeness and Gender .-In: Current Language and Literature Studies, Vol.13.-Uzhhorod, 2015.-P.7–12. Presentation of research publications of professor P. Lizanets in 33 volumes.-In: Current Language and Literature Studies, Vol.13.-Uzhhorod, 2015.-P.347–356. К 85-летию профессора П.Н.Лизанца.-Linguistica Uralica, Vol. 51, Issue 4.- Tallinn: Estonian Academy Publishers, 2015.-P. 310–312. Lexical semantics of the words denoting etiquette in English, Ukrainian and Hungarian language systems.- Book of abstracts.-VDOCS, October 26–27. 2015.- Szczyrk (Poland).-P.12


Books which contain information on me and my research activity: 1. Ukraine. 10 years of Independence. 500 influential personalities.- Kyiv, 2001.- P. 214. 2. Vysitska T. Women figures in the history of Transcarpathia.- Book 1.- Uzhhorod, 2004.- P. 332–336. 3. Vehesh M.M. Scientific elite of Transcarpathia.- Uzhhorod, 2005.- P. 67. 4. Uzhhorod National University on the threshold of III millennium.- Uzhhorod, 2005.- P. 113–114.


Travelling. Reading detective novels. Watching detective, adventure, romantic films, thrillers on TV. Music. Pets.

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