Prof. Pavel Stekauer, DrSc.



Department of British and American Studies
Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice Faculty of Arts
Petzvalova 4,040 11Košice – Západ



055/234 71 69

Osobné údaje

Pavol Štekauer Záborské 421, 08253 Petrovany, Slovakia

Place and Date of Brith: Prešov, Czechoslovakia, 10 January, 1955

Current position: Professor in English Linguistics, Department of British and American Studies, Institute of Philologies and Social Sciences, Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia (Head of the Department) Professor in English Linguistics, University of Rzeszow

Courses taught: General Linguistics Introduction to English Linguistics Lexicology Word-Formation Lexical Semantics Morphology Linguistic Typology and Language Universals

Wife: PaedDr Livia Kortvelyessy,PhD, Department of British and US Studies, Safarik University,

Fields of Expertise: General linguistics, Word-formation, Lexical semantics, Linguistic Typology

Akademické tituly a hodnosti

Education: MA – 1974–1979; English – German; Faculty of Arts, UPJŠ, Prešov PhDr. – 1981, Faculty of Arts, Prešov CSc. (PhD.) – 1990, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, Bratislava Habilitation (Doc.)– 1995, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic Inauguration (Prof.) – 2000, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic Doctoral Dissertation (DrSc.) – 2006, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava

Profesionálna kariéra

Prešov University (1990–2005) Šafárik University Kosice(2005 – Rzeszow University, Poland (2001 – Wyszsa Szkola Zawodowa, Krosno, Poland (2002 –


Main fields of research: word-formation on onomasiological principles meaning predictability of novel words word-formation universals and word-formation-based typology of languages


Študijný odbor: 2.1.29. Neslovanské jazyky a literatúra Študijný program: Britské a americké štúdiá (1. a 2. stupeň)

Členstvo vo vedeckých orgánoch

Slovak Association for the Study of English (SKASE) (member of the Executive Committee)


VEGA project 1/2236/05 Typology of Languages (2005–2007), Evaluative morphology from cross-linguistic perspective (2008–2010), Dveelopment of word-formation data-base (2011–2013)

Vybrané publikácie

Monographs Lieber, R. – Štekauer, P. (eds.) 2009. Handbook of Compounding. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Stekauer, P. -Lieber, R. (eds.) 2005. Handbook of Word-Formation. Dordrecht: Springer Štekauer, P. 2005. Meaning Predictability in Word Formation. Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Štekauer, P. 2000. English Word-Formation. A History of Research (1960–1995). Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag. Štekauer, P. 1998. An Onomasiological Theory of English Word-Formation. Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Štekauer, P. 1996. A Theory of Conversion in English. Frankfurt-Paris-New York-Wien: Peter Lang Verlag. Štekauer, P. et al. 1997. Getting Beyond the Rules of Language. Acta Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Prešovensis. Prešov. Štekauer, P. & Lieber, R. (eds.) 2005. Handbook of Word-Formation. Dordrecht: Springer.

University textbooks Štekauer, P. – Kavka, S. (eds.) 2003. Rudiments of English Linguistics 2. Acta Facultatis Prešoviensis. Štekauer, P. (ed.) 2000. Rudiments of English Linguistics. Prešov: Slovacontact. Štekauer, P. 1993. Essentials of English Linguistics. Prešov: Slovacontact.

Articles Štekauer, P. 2006. “On The Meaning Predictability of Novel Context-Free Converted Naming Units.” Linguistics 44/3, 489–539. Štekauer, P. 2006. “Onomasiological Theory of Word-formation.” In: Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics. Oxford: Elsevier, Vol. 9, 34–7. Štekauer, P. 2006. “Ján Horecký.” In: Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics. Oxford: Elsevier, Vol. 5, 395–6. Štekauer, P. 2005. “Compounding and Affixation: Any Difference?” In: W. Dressler, D. Kastovsky and F. Rainer (eds.), Proceedings of the Morphological Meeting. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 151–159. Štekauer, P. 2005. “Onomasiological Approach to Word-formation.” In: P. Štekauer and R. Lieber (eds.), Handbook of Word-formation. Dordrecht: Springer, 207–232. Štekauer, P. 2003. “Morphological Productivity. Laurie Bauer; Cambridge University Press: Cambridge 2001.” Lingua 113/7, 697–701. Štekauer, P. 2003. “On some issues of an onomasiological approach to productivity.” In: Ranam 36: ESSE 6 – Strasbourg 2002. 2 – Linguistics, 93–99. Štekauer, P. 2002. “On the Theory of Neologisms and Nonce-formations.” Journal of Australian Linguistics, 22/1, 97–112. Štekauer, P. 2001. “Dieter Kastovsky‘s Theory of Word-Formation.” Linguistica Pragensia 1, 1–15. Štekauer, P. 2001. “Beheading the Word? Please, Stop the Execution.” Folia Linguistica XXXIV/3–4, 333–355. Štekauer, P. 2001. “V. Adams’ Complex Words in English.” Linguistics 39/6, 1171–1179. Štekauer, P. 2001. “Fundamental Principles of an Onomasiological Theory of English Word-Formation.” Onomasiology Online 2, 1–42. Štekauer, P. 2000. „Edda Weigand (ed.) (1998). Contrastive Lexical Semantics. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia: John Benjamins.“ In: Logos and Language 2, 57–61. Štekauer, P. 1997. “On the semiotics of proper names and their conversion.“ AAA – Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik. Band 22, Heft 1, 27–36. Štekauer, P. 1992. “On Some Issues of Zero Morpheme in English.” Linguistica Pragensia. No. 2, 73–87. Štekauer, P., Chapman, D., Tomaščíková, S., Franko, Š. 2005. “Word-formation As Creativity within Productivity Constraints. Sociolinguistic Evidence.” Onomasiology Online 6, 1–55. Štekauer, P. Franko, Š., Slančová D., Liptáková Ľ., Sutherland-Smith, J. 2001. A Comparative Research into the Transfer of Animal Names to Human Beings.“ Views 69–75.


Editor-in-Chief: SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics

Consulting editor: Word-Structure (Edinburgh University Press) Onomasiology On-line (Germany) EJES – The European Journal of English Studies Grove (Spain)

Research and lecturing stays abroad Invited lecture, IAUPE conference, Lund (Sweden), 2007 Research stay, University Paris 13, France, 2006 Invited lecture, University of Jaen, Spain, 2005 Invited lecture, University of Tubingene, Germany, 2004 Research stay, Univerzita v Jaen, Spain, 2003 Research stay + lecture, Göteborg, Sweden, 2003 Lecture, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 2003 Series of lectures, Institute of Linguistics, University of Utrecht, Holland (25.2. – 3.3. 2001) Research stay, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, University of Vienna, Austria, 2001 Invited lecture – University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2000 Research stay – Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, University of Vienna, Austria, 2000 Research stay – King‘s College, London, UK, 1995 Research stay – King‘s College, London, UK, 1991

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